Dance Festival Tomorrowland gives up hope for this year

Dance Festival Tomorrowland is not going on this summer anyway. The Belgian and Flemish governments tried to persuasion local mayors to cease their resistance to the festival. But the organizers dont see that happening anymore and have given up the courage.

The organizers announce โ€œwith a great moodโ€ to cancel the festival, which invariably attracts many Dutch people, this year. They had postponed the 2021 edition for a month and a half, hoping that the corona crisis would be further restrained. But the mayors of Boom and Rumst dont see the mass dance party at the end of August either.

โ€œThe whole team has fought to the end and did everything in its power,โ€ the organization said. The Belgian and Flemish governments were also involved and tried to remind Boom and Rumst. But that was not to be avail.

Legal Battle

Organizers do not want to go to court to force mayors to issue a permit after all. โ€œGiven our long cooperation with the municipalities, we dont want to make a legal battle out of it,โ€ they say to Belga news agency.

Tomorrowland, like many festivals, was cancelled last year because of the corona crisis. But now that the coronavirus has been on its return in Belgium for months, the organizers had good hopes for this summer.