Danceduo Daft Punk stops after 28 years

The French dance duo Daft Punk hangs their signature helmets on the willows. The dance act stops after 28 years. In an almost eight minutes long video the two announced their farewell. A spokesman confirmed the news to entertainment magazine Variety, but did not want to elaborate on the reason for stopping.

The video that came online today shows Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo with their helmets. In the nearly thirty years they‘ve been active, they’ve been able to keep their identity a secret for a long time.

3FM DJ Rรกmon Govieijen calls Daft Punk unique:

The two face each other and then walk apart while an ominous wind sounds. No word is exchanged and at some point the man in the golden helmet runs a timer on the back of the man with the silver helmet. The last one runs away, and after a minute, it explodes. Music swells and the man in the golden helmet walks into the sunset. The video ends with the years 1993-2021, the years the two were active.

Watch the eight-minute video titled Epilogue here:

Daft Punk is known to the general public for the hit Around the World of the 1997 debut album Homework, but they are also known for Da Funk from 1995, and also scored with One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

For the album Random Access Memories the two received two Grammy Awards. On that album there is the song Get Lucky from 2013 that they made with Pharrell Williams, among others. They also got two Grammys for that song. In total, they have six Grammys in their name.

Watch and listen to Around the World here:

The duo was seen as one of the most influential groups of the past thirty years. The last few years, however, the two did not release any albums anymore. The last thing they released was remixes. In 2016 the two worked together with The Weeknd on the songs Starboy and I Feel It Coming.