Dances and Deaths in the third season teaser of “The Boys”

Amazon has published the official teaser of the new, third season of the superhero series Boys. It was filmed as a video for the new single Imagine Dragons called Bones. And, as expected, the one and a half minute video is full of blood, violence and madness.

The creators of the series from the very beginning were inspired by newspaper headlines – they said that is happening in modern America, from the point of view of superheroes. As we remember, the second season was dedicated, among other things, to the idea of white supremacy and the long life of Nazi ideas.

In the third season, we will talk about the history of the Vought universe and how it reflected US history. Writers want to reflect on what the call to make America great again means if racism, white supremacy, violence, toxic masculinity, and sexual predation were present and the good old days.

The premiere of the third season of The Boys will take place on June 3 only on Prime Video. Most likely, viewers from Russia will not be able to see it.

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