Dandy Aces Magic Bagel is out on Steam March 25

Neowiz has finally announced the release date for the role-playing action film with elements of the Dandy Ace bagel. The game will appear on Steam on March 25, and at the end of the year it will be released on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The main character Dandy Ace is a fairy wizard, whom Lele, the Green-eyed Illusionist, concluded in damned mirror.

Now he needs to get out of here, and only a set of magic cards to be collected at all levels will be able to help in this. The main mechanics of Dandy Ace is an extremely flexible system of skills.

Their strength and combination changes depending on what cards Ace has up his sleeve. And every time the magician finds himself in the cursed mirror, he opens up a variety of game styles.

On the game page on Steam, a free demo version of Dandy Ace is already available. Russian language is supported.

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