Danes make first ‘energy island’ in the North Sea for power wind farms

Denmark has approved a plan to build the first ‘energy hub ‘in the North Sea. That is a small artificial island where the connections of wind farms come together. The energy can then be transported to the mainland via a single cable.

The island will have a size of about eighteen football fields and will be 80 kilometers off the Danish coast. Construction will cost around 210 billion Danish kroner (more than 28 billion euros). The project should be completed by 2033.

In June, the Netherlands and Denmark signed a declaration of intent to cooperate in certain areas. Energy hubs at sea were an important point. Research on energy nodes is carried out by the Dutch electricity network operator TenneTet and gas network operator Gasunie. They work together with the Danish network manager Energinet.

According to a TenneT spokeswoman, the Danish plan is not a consequence of this study and it is good that the Danes are starting to build an energy hub. โ€œUltimately, many energy hubs have to connect to each other at sea. For example, in the Netherlands we can use Danish wind energy when it blows hard and not here, and vice versa.โ€