Dangerous substance escapes at BP in Rotterdam, two injured

At BP Refinery Rotterdam (BPRR) on the dArcyweg in the Rotterdam port area Europoort, the highly toxic fluorine hydrogen escaped. Dozens of firefighters prevented the hazardous substance from spreading outside the companys premises by means of water screens during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

In the course of the night, according to a spokesman for the security region, the situation was stable, so that fire brigade was no longer needed around 3.30 a.m. โ€œThe company can now handle it on its ownโ€, says the spokesman.

The leakage occurred Saturday night around 11:45 p.m. Two employees of the company were injured. One of them had to be transported to the hospital, the second was treated on the spot. How it is with them, a spokesman for BP could not tell yet. He expects to have more information on Sunday afternoon. An investigation has been initiated into how the leakage could occur.

BPRR is one of the largest refineries in Western Europe and processes 400,000 barrels of petroleum (19 million tonnes annually) every day, according to the companys website.