Dani Alves furious at São Paulo: back ticked to return after international period

Dani Alves doesnt seem to be returning to his club São Paulo. The Brazilian back did not show up at his club after the international period, as he has to receive another two million from his club.
Alves left for São Paulo in 2019 after his adventure at Paris Saint-Germain. The problems between the fullback and his club came to light about six months ago. Alves gets about two million euros from São Paulo, but the club is not yet able to put the money on the table. São Paulo is saying that it is looking for a solution, but Alves is tired of it. He did not return to the club after the international period.
The collaboration between São Paulo and Alves, which was linked to Seville in August, seems to be over. The Brazilian club has stated in a statement that Alves is no longer part of the roster. The conflict over the money is still unresolved.