Danilo not happy with Twente trainer Jans: Didnt understand, I was angry.

Danilo did not understand the decision of FC Twente trainer Ron Jans to put him on the bench against sc Heerenveen. The Brazilian indicates after the game that he had a conversation with the coach about it, but agreed with the decision it was not him.
His place on the couch caused some dissatisfaction to Danilo. “I was surprised, too. The coach told me, I don‘t know what to say about it,” he starts talking with ESPN. “Of course I was angry, you want to play and show yourself. When the trainer puts me on the couch, I get angry.”
Jans tried to explain his decision before the game to Danilo, but that didn’
t help much. “I honestly did not understand,” continues the striker. “We talked about it. I think I work hard every day. I‘m trying to give more than a thousand percent. That’s my opinion. It may not be my best period, because I don‘t score much. There’s nothing I can do about it. He‘s the coach. Next time I’m going to show it.”
When asked whether his lesser form in the second half of the season has to do with the transfer from Sébastien Haller to Ajax, Danilo gives a clear answer. “No, actually not. At first I thought about that, but then the look went back to Twente.”