Danish and German police roll up terror network

In Denmark, 13 people are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks. Six of them are still in custody, seven are formally charged with terrorism. In addition, a terrorist suspect has been apprehended in Germany.

Nothing has been published on the motives or targets of the terrorist suspects. According to Danish and German media, at least three Syrian brothers are involved.

The security services found the suspects after a tip from a Polish internet company, writes Der Spiegel. That company received an order for a suspicious quantity of sulfur and aluminum powder and set the alarm on it.

During a search in Saxony-Anhalt, large quantities of fireworks and a homemade IS-flag were found. Also in a Quran passages about โ€œthe fight against infidelsโ€ were underlined.

Tomorrow press conference

On Twitter, the Danish Minister of Justice thanks the German police for their cooperation, but does not give details of the terrorist suspects. However, he says that the terrorist threat remains serious in Denmark.

The Danish police and anti-terrorist unit are giving a press conference on the arrests tomorrow morning.