Danish Federal President: “Eriksen met in stadium and spoke to teammates.”

Christian Eriksen has been in touch with his remaining teammates. That is what the Danish Federal President Peter Möller confirmed to Danish media.
The 29-year-old playmaker collapsed just before rest and had to be resuscitated. The competition was shut down and Eriksen ended up in the local hospital. Luckily he came back to his senses before leaving the stadium, Möller is quoted by BT. He got lightning-fast treatment, that saved us.
Möller endorses the good news that Martin Schoots, Eriksen‘s Dutch business observer, shared earlier in the evening: Eriksen was at the hospital with knowledge. He even had contact with his team mates, allegedly through FaceTime. The players talked to Christian. It goes well according to circumstances.
The players wanted to play even further after hearing this news. The first half has now been played out and the score is 0-0.

Danish FA director Peter Møller confirm to DR (Danish Broadcasting corporation) Christian Eriksen has spoken to the Danish players from the hospital bed. It’s well.
— DanishFooty (@DanishFooty) June 12, 2021