Danish journalist (26) of bil during report in sex club

A Danish journalist (26) caused the necessary fuss by doing a reportage at a reopened sex club. The moans and associated background noise were heard on the radio.

Whether Louise Fischer (26) regrets her escapades at club Swingland? It was ‘part of the job’ and went completely natural’, without any compulsion, she says after her high-profile report in which she can also be heard herself. She claims she had no intention of undertaking participatory journalism beforehand.

The young journalist questioned guests at the club, but at first they remained a bit shy. When she started to participate herself, the atmosphere suddenly completely changed, she says. She visited the sex club earlier this year because of the reopening after the lockdown in Denmark.


In the item Fischer asks all kinds of questions to the guests. She‘s also interviewing a man she’s having sex with at the time. She eventually spent several hours in the club, while the radio item lasts only a few minutes. The Danish station, Radio 4, shares a warning with the message: ‘It got hot and wet for both our reporter and the guests. ‘