Danny Blind about ‘defibrillator incident’ with Daley Blind: ‘He was fully awake’

Daley Blind is ready for his return, let father Danny Blind know in the Ziggo Sports studio. The built-in defibrillator of the thirty-year-old Ajax defender went off during the practice match with Hertha BSC: he had to rest for a while, but has been released again for the first competition match with Sparta. Father Blind is not worried. “It’s going well, he is employable“, said the former national coach about his son. “The doctors who have been treating him since last time are releasing him. You have to have confidence in them. And from there you can start taking your matches again: then you have to grow back over it”
Blind was present at the rehearsal duel with Hertha BSC and was quickly reassured. “Contrary to the last time, he was always fully awake, not dizzy or lost. When I came downstairs, he was back to normal.”
Blind senior does not dare to say whether incidents like this will occur again. “That is a double discussion. You have a lot of confidence, because the locker is there and doing its job. On the other hand, you’re not waiting for it to be necessary”

๐Ÿ’ฌ ‘Daley is doing well, he is employable. You have to trust the doctors and they will release him’, says Danny Blind#ZiggoSport pic.twitter.com/LEbqUZWwBn
– Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 12, 2020