Danny Vera represents the Netherlands on alternative song festival

Danny Vera will be presenting this year‘s Free European Song Contest (Free ESC) on behalf of the Netherlands, a German alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest. He succeeds Ilse DeLange, who finished second in the first edition last year.

More well-known names can be found in the participants field. That’s how Milow comes out for Belgium and Amy Macdonald is the Scottish entry. Ben Dolic, who was supposed to go to the song festival last year for Germany, is participating in Free ESC this time.

The alternative was actually meant to be a one-off event last year, because when the Eurovision Song Contest was not going through because of corona. The show was broadcast not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. The Spanish-German singer Nico Santos, who participated on behalf of Spain, became first.

Big man behind the initiative is the well-known German presenter and comedian Stefan Raab. He participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 and for years organized a similar competition for the sixteen German Lรคnder, the Bundesvision Song Contest.

The second edition of Free ESC will take place Saturday night. A total of sixteen countries are participating. What song Danny Vera is going to sing is not yet known.