Daps Terrifying Adventure is released on 29 September

Australian independent developer duo Melting Parrot have announced the release date for their horror adventure Dap. The game is released on Steam on September 29. This is the studios debut game, and its being compared to Pikmin and Princess Mononoke at the same time.

Dap will send us into a strange, dangerous and outlandish world where we need to save a group of quirky weak creations, led through a lot of dangers. And the main danger may be our companions: after being spoilt, they attack their savior.

The more creatures we gather, the more confident we will feel in battle. In addition, the team can solve puzzles.

The free demo is already available on Steam to find out what awaits us. More on Lens Island Gamemania is coming to Steam Early Access November 5th Gamedec Authors Reveals Professions, Deductions and Aspects The Alan Wake Remaster will Remove Embedded Ads.