Dark Moonlight Horror Inspired by Fantastic Serials

Studio Silent Bear and publishing house Black Rose Projects announced the adventure horror action film Dark Moonlight. Its creators were inspired by a number of modern science fiction series – what, you can try to calculate from the debut trailer. The protagonist of Dark Moonlight – Dave Kellerman, which suffers from a number of phobias.

His life is so unbearable that he is tackled for experimental therapy. And in the process something goes wrong: Dave finds himself in a terrible world populated by nightmarish critters.

Players will have to forget about fears for a while and engage in survival. Resources will be limited, so throwing themselves into every fight is not recommended.

Moreover, some monsters are able to resurrect. The creators of Dark Moonlight promise a tense story with a lot of mysteries, surprises and puzzles, and high-budget graphics.

The game will be released on Steam, but it is not known when. More on Gambling Hot Wheels Unleashed is released on September 30 Lumberjack‘s Dynasty Lumberjack’s Dynasty left early access Creators Humankind told about the art of war.