Dark Souls 3 servers on PC are unavailable again

Earlier this year, FromSoftware shut down servers in the PC version of Dark Souls 3 due to an exploit, but six months later, by the end of August, they were turned on again. And now, a month later, they have been turned off again. Steam users have started complaining about the inability to connect to servers since yesterday, and in some cases they could not start at all the game.

And some time later, tonight, the developers themselves confirmed that there was a problem with the servers. They thank players for their patience, studying the causes of the problems and intending to tell you more soon.

Recall that FromSoftware game servers were originally shut down due to an exploit that allowed run malicious code to gain access to gamers personal data. More on Gambling This week, Cyberpunk 2077 was visited by 1 million people every day FIFA 23 will really appear Ted Lasso and the Richmond Club Previews and new gameplay of the Scorn horror have appeared online.