Dark Souls, Tales of, Little Nightmares, One Piece and Ace Combat went up on Steam

DTF user drew attention that Bandai Namco games including Dark Souls, Tales of, Code Vein, One Piece and God Eater have risen in price on Russian Steam. Examples are sufficient: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin โ€” c 1199 to 1699 roubles Dark Souls III โ€” from 1999 to 2499 roubles Dark Souls III (season pass) โ€” with 999 to 1499 roubles Ace Combat 7 โ€” from 1999 to 2499 roubles God Eater 3 โ€” from 1799 to 2099 roubles Code Vein โ€” from 1799 to 2099 roubles Tales of Berseria โ€” from 999 to 2099 The rubles of Little Nightmares โ€” from 599 to 849 rubles Little Nightmares 2 โ€” from 999 to 1249 roubles Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 โ€” from 749 to 1249 rubles. Bandai Namcos boost came amid price changes in Russian Steam for Bethesda games.

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