Darkest Dungeon 2 goes into early access in third quarter

PC Gamer magazine dedicated its July issue to the upcoming role-playing game Darkest Dungeon 2: Red Hook studio told a lot of details about its sequel and called the approximate timing of the premiere. The game will enter early access in the third quarter, but will only be available at Epic Games Store. In early access, players will have access to nine game classes, each with a dozen skills, and will be able to complete one chapter of the expected five.

The full passage will take about five hours, but the bet is on replayability. The new mission of our heroes creators compare with the campaign of the Brotherhood of the Ring or the game The Oregon Trail.

The group will move not inland, but up, to the top of the high mountain. And instead of two-dimensional graphics we are waiting for a stylized three-dimensional world.

The game will become a little easier for new players, but due to the difficulty settings it can be made hardcore to obstruction. But the diseases from the game were removed: instead of them there will be a system of relations between parties.

Members of the squad, connected by friendship, will be able to protect one other in battle or even perform a joint combo. The stress mechanics will get milder, it will no longer be able to cause a heart attack.

Instead, the hero with maximum stress will simply become useless in the fight. From the sequel removed and annoying many system of accuracy.

Now characters can always hit the enemy, but only a number of circumstances can reduce the damage done. And the deceased character will not be allowed to resurrect or replace: to complete the mission will have to be in a minority, although for this they will give certain bonuses.

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