Darter Cameron Menzies thrown out of Q-School after ‘too long’ toilet visit: ‘I really needed to’

Cameron Menzies tries – just like Raymond van Barneveld – to obtain a Tour Card from the PDC via the European Q-School. De Scot did not make it easy for himself, because the dartsbond marked him right on the first day out of Q-School. Reason: he arrived late at the oche because he was in the toilet too long.

And this while Menzies started well on Monday: he won Craig Rust and James Woodhouse. He then had to play against Adam Smith-Neale. But Smith-Neale was just waiting and waiting. Where was Menzies?

The Scotsman turned out to have gone to the toilet and it took so long that he returned too late for his party. The PDC was inexorable and threw Menzies out. The darter tells on Twitter why it took so long.


Dude, I had to run the big errand. I had 10 minutes between games, so I decided to go to the disabled room. The normal toilets are a mess here. They (the organization, red.) called me and asked me where I was. I said, โ€œIm on the toilet.โ€ When I came back, I was kicked out of the tournament.โ€

Menzies says to understand the rules. โ€œBut I really needed it.โ€ Wednesday, he gets another chance to place himself.