Darter Raymond van Barneveld will make comeback

Raymond van Barneveld wants to play darts again. The five-time world champion put a point behind his career at the end of last year, but now he has indicated that he wants to pick up the dart arrows again.

Van Barneveld won four World Championships at the British Darts Organisation (BDO) in 1998, 1999, 2003 and 2005, and won the 2007 World Cup at the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation), defeating Phil Taylor in a thrilling final legend and eternal archrival. In 2006, Van Barneveld competed for the first time in the Premier League. He wrote dart history in 1998 by becoming the first Dutch darter world champion. Then he beat Richie Burnett in the final with 6-5.

โ€œWere going for it again. I miss it a lot,โ€ says Van Barneveld via his own Instagram page. โ€œI will do my utmost to get my tourcard as soon as possible to be back on the big stages in the future.โ€ The now 53-year-old Hagenaar ended his career last year. In his last months, he had little pleasure from darts. Thus, the Premier League adventure went unsuccessfully and was eliminated by the insignificant Darin Young at his very last World Cup.

In an interview with De Telegraaf at the beginning of June, Barney did not rule out that he wanted to return to the professional dart world. โ€œI do not rule out anything, but I do not immediately say yes.โ€ I have the best to my liking, nice rest and no stress. If I miss the darts, I can consider a comeback,โ€ says Van Barneveld then.

A comeback for Van Barneveld wont be easy. He needs to get a tour card at the PDC for next year. That must be done through the floor tournaments he so cursed. But of that he says in a conversation with RTL7Darts that at that time there was a other Van Barneveld. โ€œOne who didnt like it anymore. There were a lot of private problems and I was under stress.โ€ For example, Van Barneveld has since divorced and he has found a new love in the British Julia. The five-time world champion will work together with his former manager Ben de Kok and with Jeffrey de Zwaan, the talented darter of whom he once mentor in the past. โ€œI feel like it and it tickles.โ€