Darter removed from tournament after push to Michael van Gerwen

For Jonathan Worsley, the Winter Series in Coventry came to an abrupt end on Saturday. The 36-year-old Wales darter had to leave the tournament after giving Michael van Gerwen a push.

โ€œ After I played myself last Wednesday, I spilled on my shirt while drinking,โ€ says Worsley on his Facebook page. โ€œBecause I had to write at another game shortly after my own match, I started changing quickly. A day later I was told by the tournament leader that the shirt I put on was not allowed. I then apologized for that.โ€ Worsley would have put on a rugby shirt, and such sets (like football shirts) are not allowed in the dartsarenas according to the regulations.

Van Gerwen, who had dropped the first days of the Winter Series due to his recent back problems, played his first party in Coventry, but also had to write in a competition on that day. However, Mighty Mike had found someone else prepared for that, Worsley noticed that he was wearing a regular t-shirt and jeans.

โ€œ When I saw that, I went to the tournament director and asked why he was allowed to write in those clothes. You cant apply different rules for him and for me. I had no further complaint about it, and assumed that the conversation between me and the tournament director would remain.โ€

Equal rules

that turned out to be not so to Worsleys displeasure. โ€œThis Saturday Van Gerwen came to me and he talked about me having betrayed him. He began to intimidate me, while I merely made it clear to him that my words were not directed against him, but I felt that there should be equal rules for everyone.โ€

According to Worsley, Van Gerwen kept calling him for rat. โ€œHe kept going, and then I finally pushed him,โ€ says Worsley. โ€œAfter that, he filed a complaint against me, while provoking me,โ€ Worsley is disgruntled. โ€œAnd security knew that too, but they just took the side of Van Gerwen and eventually I was kicked out of the tournament. Its a joke, you cant even talk to the officials in confidence.โ€

Statement Van Gerwen

Van Gerwen later on Saturday night via his Twitter account about the state of affairs. โ€œJonathan wanted to do his work as a writer in a rugby shirt, rather than in a normal t-shirt,โ€ says Van Gerwen. โ€œI admit I called him a rat when we got some words, but he should have just come to me if he had a problem, instead of going to the tournament leader. I wasnt happy about that, and then he gave me a push. And you know that if that happens and is seen, theres only one conclusion. Then you get kicked out of the tournament because you just keep your hands off each other. Its as simple as that. It was solved very professionally by the PDC and those involved, and I am now focusing on the Grand Slam of Darts,โ€ says Mighty Mike in a statement.

Van Gerwen was eliminated on Friday in the third round by Adrian Lewis and Saturday in the second round by Callan Rydz.