Dartster Ashton gets close, but can’t follow in Sherrock’s footsteps

Lisa Ashton was unable to win a game at the World Darts World Cup as a second woman. She bowed in an exciting party at the Alexandra Palace in London with 3-2 for her compatriot Adam Hunt.

Last year, Fallon made Sherrock stand by being the first woman to win a World Cup match. Sherrock even managed to reach the third round and she was renamed Queen of the Palace.

Ashton, who lost to Jan Dekker on her debut in 2019 in the first round, seemed to want to repeat Sherrocks fairy tale. She started off against Hunt, reached a high level and won the first set with 3-2, but Hunt, who got knocked twice this year by Ashton, repaired the damage and grabbed the second and third set.

However, the fourth set went back to Ashton, so a fifth had to make the decision. The English left just too many chances to pull the game towards him, after which Hunt finished the race with a 120 finish.

There is now another woman active in the tournament, the English Deta Hedman. She will compete against her compatriot Andy Boulton on Saturday in the first round.

Durrant easy

The twelfth Glen Durrant, who won the prestigious Premier League earlier this year, reached the third round. He had no problems with the Brazilian Diogo Portela: 3-0.

Durrant won the first two sets with 3-0 and only in the third set the Brazilian sputtered against. However, the Englishman, especially strong on his doubles, did not let himself eat a set.