Data breach at streaming game platform Twitch

Streaming service Twitch has taken place a data breach. The video platform confirms that a hack has taken place and says it still investigates its size.

The leak includes the source code for the platform and information about payments to known users, writes The Verge. According to the tech site, 125 gigabytes of stolen data were placed on the 4Chan messaging platform, but this data does not include users‘ personal information, such as passwords and email addresses.

In the platform’s leaked source code, criminals could search for vulnerabilities to develop new hacks. โ€œThis opens a giant door for malicious people to install malware and steal sensitive data,โ€ says a spokesperson for cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies to news agency ANP.

Amazon-owned Twitch allows gamers to broadcast their gaming sessions live, sometimes with their own commentary. well-known streamers can monetize their videos.