Dauntless authors reveal plans for the end of 2021

Phoenix Labs has released its plans for the remaining months until the end of 2021. Dauntless players are looking forward to a number of updates and events, including festivities, and ongoing work on bugs and bugs. The next holiday event will start on October 21, with players waiting for โ€œDark The reaping.

โ€ It‘s a traditional Halloween event, but preparations for its start start start as early as October 1. Dauntless will feature new quests and finds.

From October 14, players will be able to save their weapon experience to use them in the future. This feature will be available for level 20 weapons.

Thanksgiving gaming events start on November 9. And on December 16, the winter holiday season starts.

Check out the Dauntless team’s work page for details on the upcoming updates. More on CCeit Deep sea platformer Lumione is released on October 13 By The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners release Aftershocks update The authors of Dwarf Fortress revealed ten minutes gameplay.