David Bowie the reason Duran Duran started making music

David Bowie is the reason Duran Duran‘s men once made music. That says frontman Simon Le Bon in a statement after the concert Just For One Day, which was held Friday in honor of what should have been the 74th anniversary of the pop star.

โ€œ My life as a teenager was all about David Bowie. He’s the reason I started writing songs,โ€ says Le Bon. โ€œPart of me still can‘t believe he died five years ago, but maybe it’s because somewhere inside me he‘s still alive and will always live.โ€

It all started for Le Bon with the hit Five Years of the lp of Ziggy Stardust. During the digital gig Friday, where among others Peter Frampton, Boy George and Adam Lambert performed acte, Duran Duran played a cover of Bowie’s song. โ€œI cannot describe how honored I am that Duran Duran was given the opportunity to perform for this icon and connect our name in memory of his music,โ€ concludes Le Bon.

David Bowie released the album Blackstar on 8 January 2016 (his 69th birthday). It would turn out to be the last album of the British singer, because on January 10 he died of cancer.