David Fincher slams Hollywood studios work on example of ‘Joker’

In an interview with The Telegraph, director David Fincher criticized the system of operation of Hollywood studios, citing the recent โ€œJokerโ€ as an example . According to the author, studios allocate either a large sum or at least, and the rest of the middle – level projects are thrown to their own devices. But he himself believes that such paintings, which encourage the viewer to reflect, largely determine the direction of major projects in the future.

He also noted that in the industry studios are engaged in reworking more original works, citing โ€œThe Jokerโ€ with Joaquin Phoenix as an example. From Fincher‘s point of view, the film would not have been able to achieve such success if it hadn’t been preceded by โ€œThe Dark Knightโ€ .

I don‘t think then anyone would have looked at it and said, โ€œYeah, let’s Take and unite Travis Bickle with Rupert Papkin, keeping them in the trap of betrayal of the mentally ill, slashing down a billion dollars on that. โ€ David FinCherIn his quote, the author talks about heroesโ€Taxi Driverโ€ and โ€œKing of Comedyโ€ Martin Scorsese – it was with these films that often compared the picture with Phoenix.

Fincher suggests that the studio was sure of a certain success of the tape beforehand, but does not believe that earlier such a picture could see the light. He also noted that against the background of studios, which often do not want do something fresh, riskier projects appear on streaming services.

The truth is that five (large studios) do not want to do projects that will not be able to bring them a billion dollars. David Fincher for these reasons Fincher went to streaming, allowing him to create films for which there was no place in the big system.

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