David Geider told what Dragon Age 2 would like to see

The release of โ€œSniderkat,โ€ the directors version of โ€œJustice League,โ€ had an unexpected side effect. Writer, screenwriter and creator of the history and design of the Dragon Age universe David Geider told how in his presentation an improved version of Dragon Age 2. The game he called โ€œa project of many regretsโ€ as Dragon Age 2 turned out to be as good as bad.

And all because of how it created it. Warning: Geider does not bend plot spoilers! For starters, Kirkwall had to change over time, as the years passed between chapters.

As a compromise, those gaps could be reduced to months. And this, in fact, should have been done right after these gradual changes were cut out of the game.

Recurring levels, one of the main woes of Dragon Age 2, Geider care little. But the city itself he would like to see much larger and fuller life.

But the bloody magicians in it should be settled a little. The screenwriter would like to return to the hypothetical โ€œdirectors versionโ€ those plot twists in which Mag-Hawk gradually succumbs to obsession.

After all, magicians in this universe are constantly balancing on the brink, and Hawke is the only one who does not fight the demons of the Shadow in any way. Presumably he has immunity to them – but this is under a big question.

In the perfect Dragon Age 2 would return all the cut alternative lines in which people would remember that they met our hero in Origin, or knew that the hero was a magician. And, perhaps, they even had an affair โ€” all this also went to the basket, although the decision was hard.

The third act was also cut: a number of storylines got into work too late and decided from them just get rid. Because of this, the buildup of confrontation between magicians and Templars began to look sudden.

Unfortunately, the screenwriter does not even remember how everything was thought of initially. Geider would change the final battle with Orsino so that it would not have to attack us, even if we supported him.

And Meredith could have done without a red lyrium and losing control of her power. And we would also be given the opportunity not to get on either side, because both of them look very dumb.

However, such options were never part of the plan. In a perfect DA2, we could say to Anders, โ€œWhat the hell are you doing? โ€œ.

Perhaps a romantic line involving Varrick would have appeared in the game, as well as an extended prologue, familiarising in more detail with Bethany and Carver. As for Varrick, Geider would return his exaggerated stories at the beginning of each act so that Cassandra would then jerk him.

And the author of the universe is saddened by the cancellation of the Exalted March supplement, which would culminate in the death of Varrick – and would greatly affect the plot of the Inquisition. KUnfortunately, Geider is absolutely sure that he will never have the opportunity to return to Dragon Age 2: EA considered the game a lousy sheep and preferred to forget about it.

Personally I would say that Dragon Age 2 โ€” fantastic game, but its hidden under a mountain of compromises, cut corners and tight deadlines. If you could take this into account, you would see a great game.

However I doubt that this is at the strength of most players. David Geider More on the Gambling End of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone is expected on the evening of April 21 Psychological horror and series climax โ€” fresh details Resident Evil Village The Games Fund launches $50m venture fund for gaming companies.