David Jaffe, author of God of War, joins Movie Games

Game designer David Jaffe, best known as the creator of God of War and the Twisted Metal series, announced his new appointment. He joined the Warsaw company Movie Games, publisher and creator of the games. While Jaffe acts as a consultant.

However, very soon he must become a member of the board of directors: this appointment must be approved by a meeting of shareholders. He also ponders his own project, and it certainly wont be an AAA-game.

Until now, Jaffes freshest work was the unlucky online shooter Drawn to Death: the game lasted only a couple of years. But a year before the shutdown of the servers, the studio of Jaffe, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.

After the debacle with the drawn shooter, Jaffe thought to create a story horror, but before its announcement so didnt reach. The game designer admits that he was thinking of returning to Sony, but he was stopped by a big risk.

A couple of years ago he thought about whether to start creating games for Sony again. And then a friend told me, Its still great, theres great games coming out there, but its a completely different company.

The risk of creating high-budget games is more and more difficult to get to the top ten, if we talk about the level of creativity and entertainment. Sony is a great studio, it has many designs, but she often has to kill.

She just released Returnal, a completely ingenious and ambitious game. Only to achieve this effect surely had to cancel the production of two dozen other excellent projects that we wont hear about again.

As they say, the omelette can not be done if you do not break the eggs. David YaffeIn the course of his forced downtime, Jaffe streamed games on his YouTube channel.

Thats how he came across Lust From Beyond, Movie Games erotic horror. And he so interested him that the game designer himself began to view the portfolio of the Polish company.

Recall that not so long ago it became known that Movie Games opened a new studio True Games together with by Platige Image, world-renowned creators of computer animation. And in the next 5-10 years Movie Games intends to release an AAA-game.

But it is not yet known whether Jaffe will be involved in the project. More on CCeit Ed Boone trolls fans amid rumors about fighting game on Marvel Petition in support of Days Gone 2 collected over 100 thousand signatures Blizzard prevents Fox from registering trademark Diablo.