David Prowse dies โ€” Darth Vader from the classic Star Wars trilogy

At the year 86, actor, bodybuilder and weightlifter David Prowse died. He is best known for his role as Darth Vader in the original โ€œStar Warsโ€ trilogy. Prowse was the โ€œbodyโ€ of the villain, however he was voiced by a completely different actor โ€” James Earl Jones.

An interesting story is related to that. Although initially the character was planned to oversound on post-production, Prose himself did not speak about it – he voiced all the replicas of the hero.

It turned out funny enough, because no threat in Prowses voice was felt. โ€œIt was hilarious.

. .

and terrifying. Then we didnt know what Dart sounds like yet.

Thats when we first heard him. There was a thought in my head โ€” is this it? Is he going to sound like some sort of Scotsman?โ€œIt is noteworthy that because of Prowses voice in the filming of the trilogy he was nicknamed โ€œDarth Farmerโ€ .

Also, Prowse for his long life managed to play in โ€œA Clockwork Orangeโ€,   โ€œCasino Pianoโ€, โ€œFrankensteins Horrorโ€ and โ€œDoctor Whoโ€. He also became British Weightlifting Champion three times.

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