Day after ‘constructive’ consultation with farmers: potatoes dumped at supermarket dome


Friday morning strangers dumped a large mountain of potatoes in front of the headquarters of the umbrella organisation of supermarkets, CBL. The action seems to come from dissatisfied farmers, while on Thursday constructive consultations took place between supermarkets and farmers interest organisations.

At the mountain potato a sign is placed with the slogan: ‘Supermarkets run at full speed over the back of the farmers. ‘

It is still a mystery who has laid down the potatoes, says a spokeswoman for the CBL. The protest action did not cause much nuisance, but the industry organization finds it โ€œextremely annoying after such a good conversationโ€ that took place on Thursday. The organization doesn‘t know yet if she’s going to report it.

Farmers Defence Force

The action group for farmers Farmers Defence Force (FDF) spoke with the CBL on Thursday and representatives of Albert Heijn, Jumbo and the food industry. The topic of discussion was how farmers can still get a good price for their commodities. These discussions were positive and constructive, as it sounded at FDF, the CBL and other parties.

In February, the parties will continue to discuss a quality mark that FDF has devised. Last autumn, the protest group suggested that supermarkets can contribute 3% of their turnover to the cooperative Farmer Friendly via this label.