Day after promise on countering deforestation cuts Bolsonaro quarter on environmental budget

One day after a striking commitment to invest heavily in combating deforestation, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has just announced a substantial cut. The Ministry of the Environment and public institutions associated with it have to put it this year with a budget that is a quarter smaller, according to figures published by Bolsonaros government on Friday.

At the climate summit organised by America, Bolsonaro, who does not believe in climate change, promised yesterday that deforestation of the Amazon would end by 2030. To this end, the environmental budget would be doubled, he promised US President Biden.

According to Congressman Rodrigo Agostinho, who leads the Committee on the Environment in the Brazilian Parliament, the cuts put the work of environmental organisations at serious risk. Bolsonaro has been cutting back on bodies that monitor compliance with environmental rules for many years.

Several Brazilian authorities have already given little value to Bolsonaros commitment. They fear that money that the US wants to give to Brazil in the fight against deforestation will in reality be used to support farms. The organisations therefore called on US President Biden not to make financial agreements with Bolsonaro.

CCEit on 3 previously made this video about whats going on in the Amazon: