Day horoscope 6 November

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If you are still young and want to remain untied, you are going to have a great love life and you will make many new contacts. If you are older and tied, you can face hot fires. Every time you think youve found the one, you can meet someone whos even more fun.


It can be a successful day. Straightforward will give you an indent during negotiations or discussions. Hold on to your conviction; others admire that in you and will gladly join you.

Let yourself


guided by your inner voice and do what you think is right. Shut up during a business conversation about your own plans; dont make them public until youre sure you can realize them, as there may be hijackers on the coast.


Try to look at the things that are happening from a philosophical point of view and stay above all with both legs on the ground. Accept aid or financial support for a project, as long as it does not entail any obligations.


Someone with influence can put in a good word for you if you make it clear what you want. Promotion may take a while because another takes precedence, not because you are less good. Do good research if youre considering becoming self-employed.


Happiness usually goes by your side with the things you undertake. If you are involved in a legal struggle, you will not regret a little extra effort. Trust in a friendship will not be ashamed.


Concentrate on joint finances. Defend your rights but try to accommodate others as well. The support and encouragement of someone with experience will prove useful. Discuss private problems with a confidant.


If you are your own boss, the time may be right for attracting a partner. Professional advice is useful and worth their price doubly. Learn the art of delegating and maintain contact with former clients.


You may be under pressure if this seems like a day like any other. Please note that people can be unpredictable. Take a deep breath and do what you need to do. Ensure that your actions can be the light of day many.


Everything can be smoother today if this week drew a change on your endurance. It is now your turn to make others trot. An invitation promises fun; follow a diet if you want to look better.


tackle professional and private issues soberly. To achieve success, you must adhere to conventional rules. Plan a weekend as quiet as possible and complete a possible pill treatment if physical complaints decrease.


Administrative work can take a lot of time. Doing business over the Internet or phone saves time. Try to make a few appointments for next week. With constructive criticism, take your advantage.


Your financial insight should now be on focus. A sophisticated risk can lead to a substantial profit. Chances are small that something or someone will stop you from spending money. Take the afternoon off and spend it with your loved one.