Dayhoroscope 17 September

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When it comes to communication, you will have to exercise caution. Make sure that others understand you or have understood you well, this can prevent a lot of trouble. Professional obligations can send you to unfamiliar areas. Pay attention to your health and, above all, take enough rest.


Your imagination can run wild today. Shut up when controversial issues come up. In love, listen to your heart; your feelings are purer than the facts. Do something fun with your partner or family tonight.


Approach a domestic conflict philosophically; it is not your job to keep everyone from getting into trouble all the time. Try to achieve what makes you happy. Provide more freedom if you need it. Prepare things well.


Ask yourself whether you do not require too much from others if you are dissatisfied with their performance. Realise that those who work for you may find you a meddler and a nag. Try to work more closely together and pay better attention to your things.


With your imagination you can earn money and also boost your career. Your financial situation fluctuates; you are sometimes too carefree and wasteful. This is no time to throw money over the bar; dont take on new debts.


Focus on your plans, wishes and interests. Gather facts through contacts with experts or follow a course or workshop. It may not be clear now how you can benefit from it, but there will be a useful opportunity.


Although you are on good terms with many people, it can be difficult to explain your views. What you feel can be difficult to put into words. Perhaps you should allow your views to mature before exposing them to criticism.


A befriended person is a suitable candidate as a business or marriage partner. The only stumbling block can be a different way of dealing with money. Its a good combination: one spends, the other pulls the brake.


Decisions are often difficult when there are too many possibilities. Talk to various people and you will get as many opinions. Weigh them against each other. Dont embarrass yourself by spreading uncontrolled rumours.


If you have spent a lot of time alone recently, now is the time to get back among people and enjoy life. Even a workhorse needs to take a break once in a while. Visit a park and look at people.


Think carefully before involving friends in a financial adventure. Your self-confidence tends to exaggerate. Dont make promises you cant keep and keep conversations on the light side. Dont jump to conclusions.


You may feel that your partner does not support your ambitions. Realise that when you express yourself in a woolly way, you seem unrealistic. Express your ideas clearly; its a good time for a meaningful conversation.


Tension will arise at work if someone is sick or too late for an appointment. You may need to change plans at the eleventh hour. Stress can damage your health and, in particular, upset your stomach. Go outside for a while.