Days Gone and The Last of Us Part II have been cheapened at PS Store

In the PlayStation store, various editions of Days Gone and The Last of Us Part II have markedly cheapened. Now you can buy Bend Studio and Naughty Dog projects much cheaper โ€” up to two and a small thousand rubles: The Last of Us Part II โ€” 2849 (was 4999 RUB) Digital expanded The Last of Us Part II edition โ€” 3599 RUB (was 5099 RUB) Days Gone โ€” 2849 RUB (was 4999 RUB) Digital Extended Edition Days Gone โ€” 3599 RUB (was 5499 RUB) . A couple of days ago in Russian PlayStation Store has also been cheapened by some Bethesda and other developers, including Prey, Fallout 4, Dishonored, 1971 Project Helios and not only.

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