Days Gone will be out on PC as early as this spring

As part of a new interview, Sony PlayStation president Jim Ryan revealed that the zombie action Days Gone will be released on PC in the spring of 2021. And, judging by Ryans statement, the project will be only the first in the coming series of releases that will move to PC from PlayStation. Apparently, we are talking about other popular projects with the PS4 โ€” perhaps God of War? The exact release date Days Gone has not yet been named – on Sony consoles the project appeared in April 2019.

Previously, the company had already ported Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, facing a number of technical problems. More on Gambling In March Sony will hand out Ratchet & Clank (2016), and later will follow and other games Sony announced VR system for PlayStation 5 Developers Gears of War, perhaps help to finish Halo Infinite.