DayZ hosted another zeroing of servers

Bohemia Interactive announced the release of the 1. 11 update for DayZs online zombie survivor. The patch is already available on RS and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

And at the same time, there was another zeroing of servers and erasing all the characters. This will start the year with a new sheet and check how the new balance changes of the economy work.

Patch 1. 11 does not apply to specialized, it touches on a variety of gaming aspects.

Once again, the optimization and stability of the game and its performance have been improved. Improved zombie behavior, interaction with machines, fishing and agriculture.

Increased capacity of servers. In addition, the game added a new weapon, a rifle SVAL, which can be found at helicopter crash sites.

The number of available ammunition has been revised. And signal missiles are now falling significantly slowly.

You can find out details about all the innovations of the fresh DayZ update on the official website. The authors report, in particular, that in January, the game set an absolute record for the number of simultaneous players on Steam.

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