DC Fandome featured a scene from the beginning of “Black Adam” with Dwain Johnson

At DC Fandome, the creators of Black Adam showed a small snippet of the film, starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Adam was initially a villain, fighting including against Shazam and other representatives and other representatives of the heros family. Initially, Black Adam had similar powers, but he was corrupted by these powerful powers and went over to the side of evil.

Later, his biography was somewhat rewrited. The film is supposed to tell the story of Adams background and his encounter with the Justice Society of America.

The actor himself noted that the tone of Black Adam would be different from the usual superhero pictures, because Adam is not afraid to kill his opponents. In addition, with the characters appearance, the position of the forces in the DC film universe will change.

The film is scheduled to premiere on July 28, 2022. more at CCeit The new VK Video platform will unite VKontakte and Odnoklassnikov Warner Bros.

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