DC Fandome will be back on October 16 – there will be news on DC movies and games

Warner Bros. announced that DC Fandome will be back as early as October 16. The company does not yet specify what exactly will show, but last year the event managed to glory.

Among the films were premieres of โ€œJustice Leagueโ€ by Zach Snyder, โ€œBatmanโ€ starring Robert Pattinson and the sequel โ€œWonder Womanโ€, and by games even more interesting – the announcements of โ€œKnights of Gothamโ€ from WB Montreal and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady. This year the company will surely show fresh trailers of upcoming movies and will certainly pay attention to the games – perhaps, just there and show the first gameplay of โ€œSuicide Squadโ€.

In addition, apparently, there can also present the next game of Mortal Kombat teams from NetherRealm. Now it is rumored that she is working on a fighting game based on Marvel, but Injustice certainly will not be left without attention – who knows, maybe we are waiting for something like Marvel vs DC.

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