DC Fandomes live stream of show attracts 66M viewers

Deadline reported that this years DC Fandome events were watched by 66 million viewers โ€” three times more than in 2020. The show was held on October 16, and the live stream was available to residents of more than 220 countries, with translations into 12 languages. Within eight hours, the event was number one in Twitter trends in the US and was in the top 50 in 53 countries.

WarnerMedia management admitted that the performance exceeded all expectations. The DC Fandome revealed many new trailers and announcements, including: Batman trailer, first major material on โ€œThe Flashโ€ and โ€œBlack Adamโ€, and updates regarding the โ€œShazamโ€ sequels with โ€œAquamanโ€.

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