DDoS attack flattens Zeeland provider

The Zeeland Internet provider Delta is facing a major failure. As of 11:00 this morning, it will be virtually impossible to access the network. It is also impossible for tens of thousands of Zeelanders to make telephone calls or watch television via Delta.

Delta spokesperson Levi Bosselaar talks about a DDoS attack. “A DDoS attack is very common with us,” he says at Omroep Zeeland. “But we have never experienced an attack of this shape and size before. The attack is still going on. That’s why it’s not yet known how long the failure will last.”

Focused on address book

In the event of a targeted DDoS attack, the servers of a website suddenly have a lot of data to process. This makes the site inaccessible to other visitors. Bosselaar says that the attack focuses specifically on the underlying domain name system, i.e. the address book of the internet. “That explains why standing connections just stay, but it goes wrong when you go to another website”, according to the spokesperson.

No ransom demanded

Delta works throughout the Netherlands, but it seems that the customers in Zeeland in particular are affected by the failure. Bosselaar cannot explain why this is so. According to him, Delta has not been threatened in advance. No ransom would have been demanded either.

DDoS attacks take place regularly. This spring, a 19-year-old man was arrested in Breda who was suspected of having shut down the websites MijnOverheid.nl and Overheid.nl with a DDoS attack on 19 March.

According to the cybercrime team of the police, it is often young people who make such an attack, out of boredom, for a kick or as a challenge to see if they succeed in shutting down a site. They often don’t realize that if they are found out by the police, a large claim for damages will be hanging over their heads.