De Boer about EK opponent with Twente past: ‘Could do more with his talent’

Frank de Boer is wary of Austria, which will take office against the Dutch team during the European Championships on 17 June. Probably Marko Arnautovic will also be there: the coach of Orange still knows him from the Eredivisie.
Arnautovic played for FC Twente between 2007 and 2009, later made a career with Werder Bremen and West Ham United and now plays in China. De Boer knows Arnautovic as a fantastic player, with peaks and valles and draws the comparison with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he tells Austrian journalists when asked. โ€œHe is also strong, big, fast, technical and purposeful. But then I think: hey, why dont you show that every game?โ€ , De Boer is quoted by the Austrian branch of Sky Sports. โ€œHe could have done more with his talent, but its his career. If hes satisfied with it, its good.โ€
The Netherlands and Austria will join the group next summer with Ukraine and Northern Macedonia. For Oranje it will be the first entry in a final tournament since 2014, but De Boer is confident. โ€œWe made steps after missing the European Championships and the World Cup,โ€ he told us. The coach sees France, Belgium, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Italy as major European favourites. โ€œBut we are close behind that. If were in good shape, we can make it a nice tournament.โ€