De Boer: ‘Blind has had a hard time because of what happened. ‘

Coach Frank de Boer has seen a good Dutch team against Ukraine. After the equalizer in the final phase, he had to curse for a while.
The Netherlands came ahead in the second half, but finally slipped in the final phase. โ€œThen the disappointment comes harder,โ€ says De Boer in conversation with DeccEit. โ€œ2-2 feels like a backlog. Fortunately, Denzel Dumfries headline great hit. Did a swear word go through my head after the 2-2? It started with a G and ended up dumb.โ€
De Boer surprised with Patrick van Aanholt in the base and could appeal to Daley Blind. Van Aanholt had not played ninety minutes for a long time and Blind has had to fight to be active at the European Championships in the last few months. The events surrounding Christian Eriksen were also an extra hurdle for Blind. โ€œSo you have to protect them. I calculated that. Sometimes it doesnt get better with bills, sometimes it does. Now it was a little less, but I thought it was two goals that we couldnt have given away.โ€
โ€œIm sure he had a hard time because of what happened last night,โ€ De Boer refers to the Eriksen situation. Blind left the field emotionally. โ€œIm also sure he really lived to it. He did everything he could to play. I think the mix of feelings came up for a moment. Thats normal, I think.โ€

What went through coach Frank de Boer at the 2-2?โ€ Started with a G… ends in โ€œ… stupid.โ€ #Euro2020 #NEDOEK
โ€”CCEit Sport (@ CCEitSport) June 13, 2021