De Boer defends position on brand new Orange system

National coach Frank de Boer does not worry after the match of the Dutch team against Scotland. His 5-3-2 (or 3-5-2, as De Boer calls it) experiment did not work out well for the time being, but there is no man overboard.
โ€œWe only trained on it once, so you cant expect to suddenly play the stars of the sky. Although we hope so, of course,โ€ says De Boer in front of the camera of DeccEit. โ€œIt seems clear to me that it can and should be better. Ive seen a few good moments, but not enough. In the second half we got better out of the starting blocks. Now we have to make sure that we just have to do better. I am convinced that we can play very well with this.โ€
De Boer thinks that his players are able to own 5-3-2. โ€œI wanted to play 3-5-2 because I think we can do that well with the players we have. Given the quality we have, this is an excellent system. Who comes into their power? I think Wout Weghorst and Memphis Depay come into their power anyway, Dumfries comes in one hundred percent too, Wijndal can come up. The midfielders are very all-round. Stefan the Free just plays like that, Im not worried about that. In 4-3-3 you put pressure on the opponent faster, but that takes a lot of power. Do you do that from the beginning or do you hope to deploy it later? It brought more energy and much more threat.โ€
The Farmer has no intention of throwing his plan into the trash. โ€œWe trained three times ten minutes once and trained in two systems. Wijnaldum and Frenkie de Jong have only been here a few days, so we should not expect it to be completely perfect all of a sudden. I
m sure if we analyze the images, well know what to do better.โ€