De Boer faced a difficult choice: “It was very difficult, I must honestly say”

Frank de Boer is very satisfied with the performance of his team in the won Nations League duel (3-1) with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The national coach had given his team a clear instruction beforehand, which was followed well. The farmer is happy. Especially the way weve done it. The first half the high pace, he analyzes at the press conference afterwards. What we just havent seen so often is that both people came into the ball and had depth without a ball. The ferocity in the switch to conquer the ball as quickly as possible also satisfied me.
Prior to the race, De Boer gave his team a clear instruction. In the prediscussion I indicated that we had to give full throttle for the first 25 minutes. They want us to get as much out of the rhythm as possible. So we had to make sure that we took free kicks and throw in quickly, keeping the pace as high as possible. They listened to that, I must honestly say.
De Boer doubted very much who would start against Bosnia as an attacking midfielder. It was very difficult, I must honestly say. I thought about it for a few days actually, he confessed. Donny (van de Beek, red) was so far the top scorer in my period and then you put him next to it. The choice for Davy was not so difficult, because I think hes sticking in good shape. In addition, he is a player who looks after the house. You just have to have a player like that. Then it becomes Donny or Gini (Wijnaldum, red). Gini is your captain. So I dont think youre gonna be the first to throw it out.