De Boer gets a question about getting off at the Orange: ‘Quietly thinking about thought’

Frank de Boer was unable to guarantee at DecceIT that he will continue as a national coach of the Dutch team. He got questions about his future after the withdrawdown against the Czech Republic, which is heavily attacking De Boer.
The criticism of De Boer takes considerable forms after the decline against the Czech Republic. The qualification for the World Cup is fast ahead, but with or without De Boer? โ€œI dont have to answer that right now. Were going to think about that quietly,โ€ says De Boer.
โ€œIm having an incredible hangover. Its good to see that there were fans, we would have liked to give them more. That didnt happen. I think we were the dominating party. We took the back line a few times with Dumfries in the first half and Van Aanholt, but the last pass wasnt right. That we wanted more opportunities is clear, but they had one good shot and that was it,โ€ says De Boer.
โ€œI thought we were in control. This kind of match is only one or two moments. Malen got it. And shortly after, youll stand with ten men. Itll be hard. You hope they get frustrated and risk so you get more chances yourself. Then you shouldnt find out, no. Then they can play their own game,โ€ says De Boer.