De Boer: ‘His football qualities are unprecedented, he reminds of Laudrup’

Ronald de Boer sees that Noa Langs mannerisms keep the mind in the Netherlands much more busy than in Belgium. Marco van Basten, among others, ruled hard about the 22-year-old attacker after the Club Brugge duel with KRC Genk.
m not sure why we Dutch people are more negative. I do understand that he brings color to the competition, but you cant deny that those mannerisms are there, can you?โ€ De Boer laughs in conversation with Het Laatste Nieuws. โ€œLook, do me, you know nothing about it. This apparently causes a lot of irritation in the Netherlands. Then I can relate to what Marco says. And as a three-time Gold Ball winner, he can also say something…โ€
De Boer sees that Lang happily also lets his feet speak. โ€œI have respect for Noa, how he has developed since that step back to Twente. You can act as crazy as possible, but you also have to perform. Bruges has been a great step for him. Let us face it: his football qualities are unprecedented. He reminds a little bit of Michael Laudrup. How easy he plays, how gracefully he goes past his opponent.โ€
โ€œOnly because of his mannerisms, here with us in the Netherlands, it
s not often enough about those football qualities,โ€ says De Boer. This is less affected by Lang in Belgium. โ€œTheyre incredibly satisfied with him. And then occasionally they also close their eyes.โ€