De Boer is already watching World Cup draw: Guess youre dodging few strong countries

After ninety minutes of football, the world for football coach Frank de Boer looks a lot more rosy in one fell swoop. After the victory in Bosnia and Herzegovina (3-1), the Netherlands will again compete for the group win in the Nations League and now also know for sure that the draw for the World Cup qualification will avoid the strongest countries.

Relieved ,

De Boer was certainly relieved, with his first victory as Choice of Orange after three equal games and a defeat. โ€œI was glad to see that it was like this.โ€

His battle plan to overwhelm the Bosnians in the opening phase translated into two fast goals by captain Georginio Wijnaldum. And according to the national coach, there could have been even more hits in the strong first half hour of his team.

Too bad there was no VAR.

โ€œ A high pace, a lot of movement and a lot of deep walkingโ€, saw De Boer to his satisfaction, while Oranje failed to walk further. Spits Luuk de Jong had bad luck that his goal was cancelled due to offside play (the TV footage showed that this had not been the case). โ€œToo bad there was no VARโ€, says De Boer.

See below the summary of Netherlands-Bosnia and Herzegovina:

After the many missed opportunities, the braved Oranje dropped some stitches defensively in the last half hour, but De Boer did not make such a point of that. โ€œI think we gave away some half chances.โ€

The victory was no longer in danger in the end. So De Boer was a satisfied coach, especially with the knowledge that Orange is in pot 1 in the draw for the World Cup qualification. โ€œI think youre avoiding a few very strong countries.โ€