De Boer keeps quiet: Dont choose best players but best team

Frank de Boer is extremely satisfied with the course of the group phase of the European Championships. The Dutch team won Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia and will enter the knockout phase as a group winner.
โ€œThats the most important thing, thats one thing thats for sure,โ€ De Boer refers to the three victories. In front of DecceITs camera, the national coach shows his opinion on the race. โ€œSome guys finally got ninety minutes in their legs. Thats positive to me.โ€
At times the game of Orange against North Macedonia was excellent, but occasionally it was very moderate too. โ€œYou hope they
re 100% motivated, but you also know that players dont want to take yellow cards,โ€ De Boer continues. โ€œThats unconsciously in your head. We helped North Macedonia in the saddle. I think itll be better in the next game.โ€
Donyell Malen got a chance at the base on Monday. He grabbed it with both hands. โ€œYou try combinations: Donyell and Memphis for example. That looked good at timesโ€, continues De Boer, who does not mean whether Malen is going to be preferred over Wout Weghorst. โ€œWe see that, it depends on the opponent. I choose the best team, not the best players. And I set it up.โ€

๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ โ€œI think the game was very swirling at times today. We were very steady against Ukraine, and we did worse today. But I am positive for the next match,โ€ says national coach Frank de Boer.
โ€”CCEit Sports (@ CCEitSport) June 21, 2021