De Boer over EK: ‘We would have won one hundred percent without that red card’

Frank de Boer joined Rondo at Ziggo Sport on Monday night to look back at the EC. The Dutch team already stranded against the Czech Republic in the eighth finals and the former national coach acknowledges that this was not in line with expectations.
With a quarter-final elimination against one of the top European countries, De Boer could have been alive. Orange should have won the Czech Republic, however, he agrees. “Im convinced: if we dont get that red card (from Matthijs de List, ed.), we would have won one hundred percent. “It certainly wasnt our best game of the tournament, but we were on the better hand. In the first half he was a little better, but in the second half we got control and two very good opportunities to reach 1-0. Then you get that red card and then its done.”
So the Czech Republic continued and lost in Denmarks quarterfinals. That would have been a feasible card, says De Boer. “Next match wasnt a very good opponent, not the top-eight I had been refering to beforehand. Im convinced we won eleven men.”

🔙🦁 Where did it go wrong for @FdeBoerofficial at @OnsOranje on the European Cup? The former national coach says: We would have won the Czech Republic without that red card of Matthijs de Lig. #RONDO #ZiggoSport
— Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) October 25, 2021