De Boer responds to Scotlands corona case: Have faith in the bond

Frank de Boer does not panic after Tuesday it became known that a player from Scotland is infected with the coronavirus. Oranje will play a training interland against the Scots on Wednesday, leading up to the European Championships.
John Fleck, the Scottish player who has the coronavirus, is now in quarantine. The other players from Scotland‘s selection all tested negative for the virus. Federal coach De Boer is not concerned about possible risks to his selection, after the Scottish contamination. โ€œI have all faith in the Scottish League. I expect they have taken all precautions,โ€ he says at the press conference.
De Boer sees Oranje as a good opponent in Scotland to play hot for the European Championships. โ€œMaybe we didn’
t have the best generation in the years before, but now there is a good mix between talent and experience in the selection. That is the case with Scotland,โ€ he says. โ€œThey play very mature game, in a modern and European style. They have a good team and are well organized.โ€
The kick-off of the meeting between the Netherlands and Scotland is scheduled on Wednesday at 20.45 p.m. Oranje lacks Jasper Cillessen, just like Fleck, due to a corona infection. Tuesday it was announced that the 32-year-old goalkeeper has to let the European Championship fail for that reason.